Sexual Assault: Is it Always the Right Guy? Not Necessarily

Sexual assault is an involuntary sexual act. The victim is forced by the perpetrator engage in sex acts against his or her will. No doubt, sexual assault is of the most reprehensible crimes; however, many individuals abuse the criminal justice system and its institutions. It is not uncommon for innocent individuals to find themselves in prison reasons that had nothing to do with the crime. Read more great facts on  Grant Scheiner, click here. 

If you are accused of sexual assault in Houston, it is always the most sensible action to visit an attorney and explore your legal options, despite your innocence the prosecutors have no qualms about "using anything that you say" against you in criminal proceedings.

Sexual Assault Defense Legal Techniques

In the disastrous event you or a loved one is accused of sexual assault, call an attorney immediately. Our firm specializes in defending individuals against accusations of sex crimes. If you are accused of sexual assault or another sex crime, then reach out to our offices. Sexual crimes are the most atrocious of crimes that an individual may accused of committing. However, we are committed to ensuring that your innocence is proven beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. Just briefly, here are a few of the techniques utilized during proceedings. One of the most common defenses against sexual assault charges is the defendant's claim of innocence. This is essentially when the defendant says that he could not have possibly committed the crime because he or she was in a different location. To gather more awesome ideas on  Scheiner Law , click here to get started. 

A second common defense in regards to sexual assault cases are individuals admitting to engaging in sexual behavior with the victim, but with the defendant maintaining it was consensual. States interpret this defense variously, meaning that the claims of the defendant and victim are often held to different standards depending on the jurisdiction and the details of that particular case. And finally, there is the insanity defense. This explains itself but essentially, this is a defense that people use that cannot justify their actions in front of the court of law to the satisfaction of the judge in order for him or her to be punished like the rest of society.Regardless, if you are accused of a sexual crime, do not hesitate to call are our law offices here in Houston. Our main area of expertise involves the law concerning sexual assault crimes, and we can offer you the best defense against these types of charges in Texas. You don't let your name be tarnished. Accordingly, each instance of sexual assault must be thoroughly investigated, especially for the victim, but also to ensure that the accused was not falsely or wrongly accused. Contact a lawyer for sex crimes here in Houston immediately if accused of sexual assault in Houston. Please view this site for further details.